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Mail Rail exhibition

Mail Rail exhibition

Get to grips with the story of Mail Rail through our interactive exhibition - housed in the depot where engineers kept it running around-the-clock.

Located deep beneath the streets of the capital, London’s secret 100-year-old Post Office railway has kept people across the world connected by transporting billions of letters, parcels and postcards safely through the city and onto their final destination across the country and around the globe.

The Postal Museum is opening on 28 July 2017.

Mail Rail’s pioneering tunnels run for 6.5 miles deep under London, criss-crossing the tube lines and linking six sorting offices with the mainline stations at Liverpool Street and Paddington. At its peak, the service operated for 22 hours a day, employing over 220 staff and carrying more than four million letters silently below ground every day.

Not that the public ever saw it. In their early days, the tunnels were so clandestine that they were even used to hide the Rosetta Stone during the First World War. Closed for good in 2003, Mail Rail has been maintained since by just three engineers, its tunnels and previously-busy car depot frozen in time from its last day in service.

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