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Carol Peace X Andrew Squire

2 September 2020 - 19 September 2020


This exhibition beings together the work of two of Thompson's Gallery's most distinctive and well-loved artists, sculptor and draughtsman Carol Peace and painter Andrew Squire, combining their different media to create a wholly unique exhibition.

Carol Peace works in clay, which is quick to work with and easy to mould, before casting her pieces in bronze. The finished sculptures retain their rough surfaces, proudly displaying the hand of the artist.

Andrew Squire's style is deceptively simplistic, but loaded with commentary on Earth's current environmental issues. Primarily depicting animals in pairs or isolation on a solid colour plane, Squire places emphasis on the figure and possible narrative developing around it- is it happy, sad, lost, hunting, meandering? The artist posits interesting scenarios with animals situated in modern cityscapes, as well; his most recent two-person exhibition at Thompson's explored partly humorous, partly ominous setups in which wild animals collided with or existed within brightly coloured manmade structures.

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