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Total Immediate Collective Imminent Terrestrial

Total Immediate Collective Imminent Terrestrial Salvation

Jerwood Theatre Upstairs

Mon – Sat: 7.45pm (except 5 Sep 7pm)

Tue 03 Sep - Sat 21 Sep £15 - £25 

“You should all have a book.  Does everyone have a book? This book is part of the play. 
In a minute, we’ll all open this book and we’ll invite you to turn the pages.”

The writer manipulates a group of people to sit together and believe in something that isn’t true. The book he’s written predicts it all: the equations, the black hole and all the words we’ll speak until the end.

On this last day, at this last hour, a defector finds her voice and returns.

In this new play, presented through stage action and illustrated text, audience and actors turn the book’s pages together, they study the images and they sometimes share the words out loud.

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    Royal Court Theatre Sloane Square,
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    020 7565 5000