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Mario Testino: East

Nov 19, 2019 - Jan 18, 2020

Hamiltons presents Mario Testino: East, an exhibition of new photography by the renowned fashion and portrait photographer Mario Testino.

Featuring 18 prints, the collection comprises two subject matters; Japanese flowers on lustrous golden screens and vividly tattooed men, intricately entwined. Through the distinctive lens of Testino, these dazzling images capture two Japanese traditions at their most vibrant. 

The flower still lifes are inspired by traditional ‘Ukiyo-e’, or “pictures of the floating world”, one of the most admired genres of Japanese art and typically created using woodblock prints and painting. Each of the seasonal flowers captured by Testino in this body of work signify distinct ideas, such as truth, splendour, humbleness and sincerity, culminating in a floral display rich in Japanese heritage. The backdrop of the golden screens has a reflective effect, showcasing the delicacy of the flowers. Initially used as room dividers, these screens developed into luxury ornaments used for ceremonial occasions in Japan.

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