1. Andrew Harper death: Ten males aged 13 to 30 arrested

    Newly-wed PC Andrew Harper was dragged along a road by a vehicle while investigating a burglary.
  2. Iran tanker: US issues warrant to seize Grace 1 supertanker

    A judge in Gibraltar had ordered the release of the detained tanker a day before the warrant was issued.
  3. Peter Fonda, star of Easy Rider, dies aged 79

    The 1969 cult classic, which Fonda also co-wrote and produced, earned him an Oscar nomination.
  4. Brexit: Tory MP Oliver Letwin rejects Corbyn as caretaker PM

    But Oliver Letwin urges talks in the Commons to prevent the UK crashing out of the EU without a deal.
  5. El Paso shooting: Man shocked as hundreds attend wife's funeral

    Antonio Basco asked members of the community to attend after his wife was killed in El Paso, Texas.
  6. Organ donation: 'My hero, he gave me his liver'

    Tom Wilson died after an accident during a hockey match, but his organs and tissues have saved more than 50 people.
  7. Famous dugong dies after eating plastic

    Pieces of plastic were found inside the stomach of the sea mammal which was stranded on a Thai beach.
  8. Sajid Javid will 'simplify' the tax system in first Budget

    The chancellor says he is a "low tax guy" and he wants to see "simpler" taxes when he delivers his Budget.
  9. How Hong Kong got trapped in a cycle of violence

    Police and protesters are locked into a spiral of provocation - is there any way out?
  10. Labour promises to tackle 'retail apocalypse'

    The party wants to give councils powers to fill empty shops to avoid the creation of "ghost streets".
  11. Liu Yifei: Mulan boycott urged after star backs HK police

    Actress Liu Yifei reposted a comment supporting Hong Kong's police on social media platform Weibo.
  12. Tony Martin: Man who shot burglars knows he still divides opinion

    The farmer was jailed for shooting dead teenage burglar Fred Barras as he fled his house in 1999.
  13. Elrow: Creating the 'most colourful party in the world'

    Since being started nine years ago, Elrow events have reached every continent in the world.
  14. The Papers: 'PC killed a week before his honeymoon'

    Most of the papers carry an image of PC Andrew Harper, an officer who was murdered while on duty.
  15. Week in pictures: 10 - 16 August 2019

    A selection of the best news photographs from around the world, taken over the past week.
  16. Trump and Greenland: Other times the US bought territory

    Donald Trump isn't the first US leader to seek expansion using taxpayer dollars. But did those deals work out?
  17. 'Calling yourself a female conductor is unusual'

    The Welsh National Opera has appointed a new female conductor in residence to raise the profile of women in orchestral music.
  18. Porthcawl public toilet plan includes anti-sex measures

    The new loos could include weight-sensitive floors to ensure only one user at a time.
  19. BBC News Channel

    Britain's most-watched news channel, delivering breaking news and analysis all day, every day.
  20. Lucas Fowler and Chynna Deese: The forgotten faces in Canadian 'fugitives' story

    The families of Lucas Fowler, Chynna Deese, and Leonard Dyck left with questions as manhunt ends.
  21. Police officer on frontline life: 'I've been spat on, bitten and kicked'

    A police officer talks about his experience on the frontline after a PC was killed in the line of duty.
  22. What role will Carrie Symonds play in Downing Street?

    Boris Johnson's partner is in No 10 - but will her role be different to previous PMs' spouses?
  23. Amnesia: Caerphilly mum can wake up without her memory

    Shauna Loader has dissociative amnesia, meaning she has periods when she forgets who she is.
  24. Why I 'married' an anime character

    Akihiko Kondo is one of a growing number of Japanese people turning their back on real-world romance.
  25. Why US lags behind on graphic cigarette warnings

    Shocking images on packages would be the first change since 1984 - other countries have gone much further.
  26. Hong Kong protests: 'We don't want to leave but may have no choice'

    Months of political unrest in Hong Kong is prompting firms to question its appeal as a business hub.
  27. Troubles trauma - the hidden legacy of violence

    Thousands of people in Northern Ireland live with mental health after effects of decades of conflict.
  28. Aduriz, 38, scores stunning last-minute scissor-kick as Athletic Bilbao beat Barca

    Champions Barcelona suffer defeat on the opening day of the La Liga season after a sublime winner by Aritz Aduriz hands Athletic Bilbao victory.
  29. Ashes: Stuart Broad makes early breakthrough removing Matthew Wade

    England's Stuart Broad claims the first wicket of the morning after Matthew Wade edges to Rory Burns on day four of the second Ashes Test at Lord's.
  30. Climbing World Championships: Ludovico Fossali and Aleksandra Miroslaw win speed golds

    Watch as Aleksandra Miroslaw and Ludovico Fossali win the speed golds at the Climbing World Championships.
  31. Christian Wade: Ex-rugby union star beats five NFL players in dazzling run

    Ex-rugby union player Christian Wade continues to impress for the Buffalo Bills, evading several tackles in a 48-yard run against the Carolina Panthers in a pre-season game.
  32. School uniform: Can it be bought more cheaply?

    Parents said they spent more than £200 per child on uniform when surveyed by the government.
  33. Steve King: Rape and incest 'aided population growth'

    Steve King defended outright bans on abortion even in cases of pregnancies caused by rape or incest.
  34. 'We moved to the forest to fight climate change'

    Janne Utriainen is tackling climate change in his own way - leaving the city to live off the land.
  35. Vietnamese boy found in suitcase thanks English people

    Phong was in a life-threatening condition when he was discovered at the Port of Dover.
  36. German finger wrestling pulls a crowd in Bavaria

    The traditional contest sees men trying to pull each other across a table with just one finger.